Capture the  magic of welcoming a tiny human into the world in a natural shoot

Newborn and Maternity Photography Brisbane

How can such a tiny human change your life so profoundly?

Before you’ve even met your baby, it’s hard to believe you can love something the size of a rockmelon so much.

Then they arrive and your heart melts into a big sappy puddle. You have never shed so many tears or felt so many emotions at once.

It’s all a big, beautiful blur.

And before you know it, your newborn starts to change and you wish they could stay tiny and snuggly forever.

That’s when you look back at your photos and marvel at just how little they once were.

Having a baby is one of the most incredible experiences in life. With a natural style of photography, I capture magic moments amidst all the craziness and sleepless nights, so you can treasure memories of this life-changing time forever.

Moments we can capture…

The wonder of your pregnant body   Loving bump rubs  That little nose just like yours Tiny fingers and toes  Squishy cheeks That milk drunk face  The excitement of a new little life 

Here’s how we
make the
magic happen


We dream

Once you book a session, we jump on the phone for a chat. I get to know your personality and the shots on your wishlist, then guide you on outfits, location, props and what to expect on the day.


We go with the flow

Your shoot is never rushed. There is time for rests during maternity shoots (hello pregnancy cankles) and feeds during newborn sessions. Just tell me when we need to hit pause.


We don't even notice the camera

The last thing you have the energy for during pregnancy and the newborn stage is posing. I gently guide you to get natural shots that capture the awe of welcoming a baby into the world.


We pick your favourite shots

You receive a gallery of the best shots that are edited and ready to go, then you choose your favourites. It takes about 2 weeks to prepare the full gallery, but you’ll get a sneak peek within 48 hours.

Maternity and Newborn

photography packages

Pregnancy + Newborn


Get to know me at your maternity shoot, ahead of your newborn session. My most popular option, this bundle captures your transition into motherhood with individual and family shots.


Newborn Session


How is this tiny new human even real? We create moments of calm in an at-home session that documents this special stage. I’ll capture your perfect little baby and your growing bond with them.


Maternity – Individual


This session is all about you and making you feel beautiful. In a location of your choice, we celebrate the connection between you and your bump, plus the excitement you’re feeling.


Maternity – Family


Congratulations on your impending arrival! Feel the joy with your partner and/0r children there for photos (and foot rubs). You will receive a variety of group, bump and individual shots and family photos.


Looking for something custom?

I'd love to help bring your vision to life. Get in touch and let's chat!

What kind of session are we planning?


Your bump represents hopes and dreams for the future. Celebrate the bond you already have with your unborn baby and honour your body for nurturing this tiny human. Plan a shoot with just you and your beautiful bump, or include the love and excitement of your partner and/or children as well.


Remember the hazy, love-filled days spent getting to know your new baby. This relaxed at-home session captures your newborn bubble as it truly is (promise you won’t look sleep deprived). That means you can also get photos with siblings, pets and the nursery too.

The nitty gritty

While I am more focused on documenting you engaging with your newborn, I am also happy to use props during the session. I have blankets, headbands, wraps and outfits that I can bring, and I can also incorporate any props or sentimental items that you have. There is a ‘get to know you’ call before the day, so we can run through your wishlist of shots then.

Don’t worry about this – I have my own kids and know what it’s like! Because newborn photos are so close and personal, I don’t need much space to make the shoot work. Before the day, we work out the best spots in your home that I’ll need space around. The rest of the house can be chaos and you would never know from the photos! I can also bring a clean white doona and flowers on the day – they make the world of difference to brightening up a room.

I allow up to 3 hours for these sessions, but they do not always take this long. This allows for feeding, resting, outfit changes and unsettled moments, so you feel relaxed. While you feed or settle the baby, I can get set up for other shots – it is all part of the flow of the shoot.

It really depends upon what style of photos you want. Around 10–14 days old is when we get those dreamy, deep sleep photos of your newborn. But that can be really overwhelming to manage, so please don’t worry if that is just too soon for you.

I have captured beautiful sleeping newborn photos at 3 weeks old. From 5 weeks old, you start to get little smiles and open-eyed shots. So it really just depends what you want from your session and what you can manage. No matter what stage they’re at, we will capture the love you have for your baby. 

No and that’s because I have found that everyone is more relaxed at home. Plus, the documentary style of home photography is a better reflection of this time (not to mention that leaving the house can be a massive undertaking with a new baby). You’ll be able to remember the way the nursery was set up, involve your whole family and even get your fur-babies in the photos.

If you do not think your home will work for photography, please don’t worry. I have many alternatives up my sleeve!

As a guide, I recommend 30–34 weeks. This is when you have a good bump to show off, but you’re not feeling the fatigue of those final weeks of pregnancy. With that said, I’ve done stunning shoots as late as 39 weeks, so we will make it work at any stage.


On the ‘get to know you’ call before the day, we’ll chat about how far along you are and I’ll factor that into the plan for the day. So if you do have a shoot at 39 weeks and want it outdoors, we won’t be choosing any locations that require a lot of walking.

I do not recommend overly bright colours or crazy prints. Before your shoot, we can chat about outfit ideas that will match the location you have in mind and I’ll send through all of my tips.

I do this to keep the packages affordable, as many people only want a few photos and don’t want to pay for the whole gallery.


The base selection of photos included in every package allows you to get a variety of photos to put on your wall and share with loved ones.


Anything extra is up to you! While there is the option to add on extra images to your package, there is ZERO pressure to do so. If you do decide you want extra photos, you have the option to purchase one or two, or get the whole lot for a set capped price.  

“Lisette is committed to making sure she gets beautiful photos, no matter what it takes.”
We had a newborn session after our twins were born. I thought I would look like a wreck and I was worried about feed times and sleep times, but Lisette made it work. She is committed to making sure she gets beautiful photos no matter what it takes, and she frames things to be flattering.
Lisette was adaptable at finding a spot that worked with good lighting. You wouldn’t know we were in a tiny house – she made it look beautiful and peaceful. We have had more family shoots with Lisette since. I have them all over my walls and I love it – the same style is there and they blend together beautifully.


Ready to capture your family?

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