It’s not until you start a family that you realise just how quickly time  flies.

Images by Tall Timber Studio

Toddlers become tweens in the blink of an eye. And you want to remember it all – from the maternity bump to those tiny newborn fingers and toes, that defiant toddler smirk and the moment your teen outgrows you.

I capture the memories you want to hang on to, without making you feel self-conscious or awkward in front of the camera.

The secret to this is our connection. Your family photography session with me is relaxed, allowing your true essence to shine through. Check out my story to see if we’re the right fit…

My Story

I have over 10 years of professional photography under my belt, and a lifetime of taking happy snaps. It all began when I got my first film camera at age 10. It was bright pink (of course) and went everywhere with me.

When my kids were born, my love of photography went into overdrive – I couldn’t stop photographing them! Then after photographing friends and their families, I realised I had the ability to make anyone (young or old) feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Now I’m hooked on the joy photography brings others. There is something so special about having an authentic set of photos that represents who you are. I genuinely love getting to know new people and the little quirks that make us all unique.

So tell me your vision for the shoot and I’ll use every trick up my sleeve to get ‘the shot’ you’ll want to show off (all with perfect lighting). Together we will have the best time.

I believe you can’t force a good photo.

That’s why I am all about capturing real moments between you and your loved ones. I catch genuine moments of laughter and togetherness and make posing for the camera fun (not awkward).

I love hearing when my images make clients cry. Is that bad?

Real tears from clients mean I have captured who they really are. And that’s when I know I have done my job. With every session, I aim to capture the story, beauty and grace of your stage of life.

Here is how I do it:

We rarely have time to stop and take in the important things in life – your session is a chance to stop and remember how lucky you are.

Capturing real moments as they happen

When everyone is comfortable, the magic just happens. I am available for family photography sessions right across Brisbane. That means you can pick a location that’s meaningful to you.

Ready to start planning with me?

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